Why I Must Make a Handmade Card For My Granny?

Why I Must Make a Handmade Card For My Granny

Most of the people ask a similar question that why I must make a handmade card for my granny? If you also have the same question in your mind then you need to know that your granny and you are not from the same era. In their days, there was no WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. When they need to communicate or just want to send a message to someone, they always use cards to express their feelings. With the passage of time, when technology is booming, it is eliminating the old methods. When the messenger came, people started using this to communicate with friends and this thing eliminated the personal gatherings. Likewise, now in the modern era, everyone loves to send greetings and wishes on WhatsApp or any other similar app. But if we talk about 3 to 4 decades back, people send and receive wishing and greetings through cards.

Why I Must Make a Handmade Card For My Granny?

So, your granny also used to communicate with her friends through cards. They also used to wish birthdays through making handmade cards instead of wishing on social media. Even if she is using social media but still she has a soft corner in her heart for old rituals. So, if the birthday of your granny is coming and you want to make her happy then you need to make a handmade card for her on her birthday. This will remind her of her old days and she will surely appreciate your efforts in making a handmade birthday card for Granny. Furthermore, we are sharing several reasons that why you must make a handmade card for your granny.

Why I Must Make a Handmade Card For My Granny

Emotional Attachment:

If you will make a handmade card for your granny then she will surely appreciate your efforts. This is a great way of saying that I care for you without speaking a single word because the handmade card will express your feelings.


The first thing that you must keep in mind is that these cards are not only easy to make but are cost-effective too. If you have a low budget and want to make a perfect gift for your granny then these cards can surely help you out. So, make a handmade card and save money.

Fun Hobby:

If you are feeling bored then you can make handmade cards because this is one of the best fun hobby. You will surely enjoy card making and in this way, you can get rid of from getting bore.

Should I Purchase a Handmade Card?

There are several websites and online stores that are selling handmade cards. First of all, I recommend you to make it by yourself because in this way you can use the favorite colors of your granny and much more. But if you don’t have enough time to make a card or you don’t know how to make then in this case you can purchase an online handmade card. Even if you will purchase a ready-made card then still she will become happy because you are not using social media and using a physical way to say her happy birthday on her special day.



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