Happy Holi Card Ideas

Handmade happy Holi Card

On this holi, you can make a holi greeting card by using these simple and easy Happy Holi Card Ideas. Holi is one of the ancient Hindu festivals that comes in spring. It is also known as the festival of colors and that is why they place different games with colors. So, Holi is coming and you can wish your friends, family members, or teachers a very happy Holi by making these cards. We are sharing these cards for those who don’t have any skill of crafting and that is the reason we are sharing simple and easy cards. So, if you want to make a handmade card then you can check from the below side. In case if you are looking for a printable card then we have also shared different printable holi cards for our beloved readers.

Happy Holi Card Ideas

On this holi, you can make different cards like homemade holi cards, handmade cards, and much more. We are sharing different card ideas for those who want to check the best cards to make on this holi.

Handmade Happy Holi Cards:

So, if you are interested to make handmade happy holi cards then these cards are best for you. You can scroll down and can check any of the best cards to make at home. You can make these cards for your friends, family, teachers, or even for colleagues.

Simple Handmade Happy Holi Card:

So, if you are looking for a simple handmade happy holi card then you can make this card. This card is very easy to make at home and you don’t need to use any special material. Here is the complete method of this card.

Handmade happy Holi Card

  1. Cut a basic card shape from white chart paper
  2. On its front side, you can draw different patterns as we have drawn in the pictures by using pencil colors
  3. Now make a flower from paper and paste it on the card
  4. You can décor this card with different beads

Color Splash Holi Card:

So, we are also sharing handmade color splash holi card with our beloved readers. You can make this card from chart paper while using different colors. So, if you want to check how you can make this card then here is its complete method.

Color Splash Holi Card

  1. Cut a card shape
  2. Take any flower like Rose and dip it in the color and place it on this card
  3. If you don’t have flower then you can use stings and make a ball and then dip in the color and paste it on the card
  4. Now write your message and this card is also ready

Printable Happy Holi Cards:

One of the easiest ways to make a perfect holi card is to download and print a printable happy holi card. We are sharing different printable cards that you can check from the below side. Download these cards and take their print. You can also customize these cards according to your choice.

Happy Holi Card Ideas Printable Happy Holi Card Ideas

Handmade Thank you Card for Teachers

So, these are some of the best Happy Holi Card Ideas that you can use to make a perfect holi greeting card. You can combine two or more ideas to make a unique card that is not mentioned on this page. For more card ideas, you can visit the main page of this website too.


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