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Halloween Cards

Halloween Cards

Today we have decided to provide 21 DIY Halloween cards Ideas 2019 to those who want to share the happiness of this event with their beloved family members and friends. People love to share every moment of joy with their lovers, friends, and family members. Halloween is one of those events which brings people closer. On Halloween, you can arrange a Halloween party and can send DIY cards to your friends and family to invite them to your party. So don’t waste your time and start making Halloween Invitation cards for friends at home. In the below side, we are sharing different ideas that you can use or you can simply make a similar card by using simple material.

21 DIY Halloween Cards Ideas 2019

  • What is Halloween?
  • When Is Halloween?
  • What Day Is Halloween On?
  • What Is Halloween About?
  • Halloween Gift Ideas?

What is Halloween?

Most of the people are looking for the answer that what is Halloween? Halloween is a three days celebration that is dedicated to the dead including martyrs, saints, hallows, etc. It is also known as All Hallow’s Day or All-hallows Eve and All Saints’ Eve. On this day children dress up in frightening costumes and masks.

When Is Halloween?

If you don’t know that when is Halloween 2019 than check your calendar because it is coming on Thursday 31 October. Halloween night is celebrating in the night of 31 October.  So be prepared for the Halloween night.

What Day is Halloween On?

Halloween is going to celebrate on the night of Thursday in 2019. So stop searching for what day is Halloween on because I have already mentioned that is going to be celebrated on Thursday on 31st October 2019. Basically it is a three days celebration which starts on 28 October and ends on the night of 31st October.

What is Halloween About?

Halloween is being celebrate for the All Hallows including all saints and hallows.

Halloween Gift Ideas:

A person can gift anything on Halloween. If you are also looking for some ideas for Halloween gifts then you can give the following gifts to your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, or family members.

  • Chocolates
  • Carved Pumpkin
  • Candies
  • DIY Greeting Card

Asides this, you can gift anything to your beloved ones.

DIY Halloween Card Ideas:

It is now trend to send and receive DIY Halloween cards on Halloween. You can create a handmade greeting card by using DIY Halloween Card Ideas which we are going to share in the below side. In the below side, you will find 21 DIY Halloween cards Ideas 2019.

Simple Diy Halloween Cards:

If you want to create an awesome simple DIY Halloween Card than in the below side we are going to share its steps. People love to do artwork at home but due to the limitation of time, you can use some hacks. In the below side, I shall tell you how we can make this awesome card without doing a lot of work. So check its steps.

Simple DIY Halloween Card

Material for Simple Halloween Card:

  • Art Sheet
  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Net
  • Cutter
How to Make:

Step 1:

In the first step print out this card (you can also draw these things)

Step 2:

Cut each shape with the help of cutter

Step 3:

Take a white paper and paste it on black art sheet

Step 4:

Take a piece of net and paste it on the card as given in the picture

Step 5:

Now paste all the images on the card in order to save your time

Handmade Trick or Treat Card (Halloween Cards):

You can present a Handmade Trick or Treat Card to your friend or a family member. This card is easy to make and you can make it by following simple steps that are given in the below side. Just follow these steps and create this tremendous card at home by using simple material.

Handmade Trick or Treat Card


  • Black and Orange Art Sheets
  • Cutter
  • White marker or Whitener
  • Sticky notes
How to Make a Trick or Treat Card:

Step 1:

Cut a rectangular shape of the black art sheet

Step 2:

Take an orange sheet and cut it in the shape as given in the image

Step 3:

Paste three sides of this orange shape on the black paper

Step 4:

Take a sticky note and write your message

Step 5:

Now take a paper strip and paste it with the sticky note and insert it in the card. Your card is now ready to deliver. You can write your own message on this card.

Halloween Cards Handmade:

If you love to create Halloween Card Handmade then consider this awesome card at home. This card seems difficult but it is very easy to make. There is some material that you need to buy from the supermarket like bubbly eyes and polka dotted sheet. If you don’t have a polka doted sheet then I will tell you that how you can use alternatives to create this card.

Halloween Card Handmade

Material for Handmade Halloween Card:

  • Art sheets of different colors
  • Thread
  • Bubbly eyes
  • Pencil
  • Glue
How to Make:

Step 1:

Take a white art sheet and cut a square shape and fold it into two

Step 2:

Now paste a black paper or black art sheet on the front side of the card and then paste the orange polka-dotted sheet. If you don’t have a polka doted sheet then you can make little circles with the orange sheet and paste them on the card.

Step 3:

Take a black sheer and cut three different shaped rectangular shapes and then cut in the given shape

Step 4:

Paste the bubbly eyes on these black shapes

Step 5:

Take the white color and make ears of these little cats

Step 6:

Take a thread and tie it like a bow and paste it on the cat

Step 7:

Now write your message in the card because it ready to deliver.

Pumpkin Carving Party Invites:

If you are planning to arrange a Pumpkin carving party then you can invite your friends and family members by sending them Pumpkin Carving party invites. If you want to get detailed information then you can follow the above link. In the below side, we are also sharing some Printable Pumpkin Party invites which are as follows.

Pumpkin Carving Party Invites

Halloween Party Invitation Cards:

Everyone likes to invite his buddies at his place on Halloween. You can send a Halloween party invitation card to your friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend and make them feel special. So create a handmade card or download these printable cards from below sides.

Halloween Party Invitations

Halloween Party Invitation Cards

Printable Halloween Invitation Card:

People can also download these printable Halloween Invitation card and can send to their friends and family members for Halloween Party invitations. It is one of the best Halloween Card ideas that you can use on this Halloween.

Printable Halloween Invitation Card

Printable Halloween Invitation Card

Halloween Coloring Pictures:

Hi Kids you can do fun on this Halloween. Just download these Halloween Coloring pictures and take their print. Now fill the colors and present to your beloved ones. You can use them as greeting cards or can make the invitation cards for your party too. So check the below printable coloring pictures for Halloween.

Halloween Coloring Card

Halloween Coloring Photos

Halloween Coloring Pictures

Halloween Coloring Pictures 1

Halloween Coloring Pictures 2

Halloween Coloring Pictures 3

Halloween Coloring Pictures 4

These are some DIY Halloween cards Ideas 2019 that a person can use to do fun things on this Halloween. You can create a card for your friend and can make him feel special. So make a card today and present it before Halloween.

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