Those who are looking for the Bridal Shower Invitation Card Ideas can get the latest and trending invitation card ideas from here. Bridal Shower is not a new trend but still, every girl loves to arrange this party. Basically, the Bridal shower or Bride to be is a party that is organized by a woman who is going to get married. Typically the female friends and cousins are invited to this party who also gave the gifts to the future bride. Every Girl dreams to give the best Bride to be a party to her friends but most of the time they forget to cast 1st impression which is the invitation. If you make a trending and unique Bride to be an invitation card then it will catch the hearts of your friends and family. We will recommend you to make a handmade invitation card by following these Best DIY Card Ideas.

Bridal Shower Invitation Card Ideas

Trending Bridal Shower Invitation Card Ideas are given in the below side. You can simply make any of the below cards for your friends and family members. Those who want to get printed Invitation cards can also check from our list.

Handmade Bridal Shower Invitation Card:

This Handmade bridal shower invitation card is easy to make but looks very cool. If you want to make this card then you must have the following material. You can use different colors based on your party theme.

Handmade Bridal Shower Invitation Card

Required Material:

  • Art Sheet
  • Color pencil
  • Cutter
  • Glitter Paper

How to Make:

Step 1:

First of all take a color sheet and cut a rectangular shape

Step 2:

Take a print of a doll and cut it and paste it on the card as we did

Step 3:

Write your message and your card is ready

Easy Bride To Be Invitation Card:

This Easy Bride to be invitation card is similar to the above card. In order to make this card, you need to have some extra material. Let’s check the complete material and how to make this card procedure.

Easy Bride to Be Card

Material to Use:

  • Take Art Sheet or pattern sheets
  • Paper Flower
  • Color Pencils
  • Cutter

How to Make:

Step 1:

Make a card shape with pattern sheet

Step 2:

Cut a similar Dress as we cut with pattern and paste paper flower on the dress and paste it on the card

Step 3:

Cut shape with white paper and write your message on it and paste it on the card. The card is ready to send.

Bride Invitation Card:

This Bride Invitation card seems simple but it is one of the most attractive Bridal Shower Invitation Card Ideas. In order to make this card, you only need two art cards and a ribbon. So let’s have a look at the complete procedure of making this card.

Bride Invitation Card


  • Black Art Sheet
  • White Art Sheet or paper
  • Ribbon
  • Beads

How to Make:

Step 1:

Take a Black Art Sheet and Cut a similar card shape given in the picture

Step 2:

Now Take a white paper and paste it on the card as we did

Step 3:

Take Paper flower and paste it on the card

Step 4:

Now take a ribbon and make a knot and paste it on the card

Step 5:

Write your message in the card and this is ready to deliver.

These are the best Bridal Shower Invitation Card Ideas that you can make for your party. If you want to invite your friends and family on your Bridal shower party then use these trending invitation cards.