Birthday Card for Nephew

Birthday Card for Nephew

On the birthday of your beloved nephew, make a perfect handmade Birthday Card for Nephew by using DIY Card Ideas. Everyone loves to receive gifts from their beloved ones and when the gifts are handmade then they become the most precious gift for one. A person can put a little effort to make a perfect handmade card for the birthday of beloved nephew to make him happy along with giving a birthday gift. So on the below side, we have shared some of the best card ideas that one can use to create a perfect gift card. These cards are easy to make but if you want to download a printable card then on the below side, the best printable card for nephew is waiting for you.

Handmade Birthday Card for Nephew

A handmade card can be made with little effort. You can use different ideas to make a perfect card. On this website, we have shared some handmade Birthday Card for Nephew Ideas that you can check. Complete steps along with the required material are given in the below side.

Doctor Birthday Card for Nephew:

Those who want their nephew to become a doctor in the future can present a doctor’s birthday card for nephew on his birthday. This card requires some time to make it perfect. Complete details including required material and step by step method are as follow.

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Required Material:

  • Art Sheet
  • Glitter Sheet
  • Buttons
  • Glue
  • Color Pencils
  • Sheets
How to Make:

Step 1:

Cut a rectangular shape and fold its 1/3 left and 1/3 right part and then make a color shape with it

Step 2:

Now take a glittering sheet and cut a tie shape and paste it on the card as given in the picture

Step 3:

Take a paper and draw a stethoscope with it and paste it on the card

Step 4:

Use a piece of paper to make the badge and pocket of the shirt and paste it too

Step 5:

Write your message for your beloved nephew and this card is ready.

Mobile Birthday Card for Nephew:

If your nephew is a phone lover then you can make this homemade Mobile Birthday Card for Nephew. On the other hand. If you are giving a surprise to your nephew by giving him a phone then you can use this card to give him a clue. So by now wasting your time let’s have a look at the procedure of making this card.

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Material to Use:

  • Art Sheet
  • Newspaper
  • Chart paper
  • Pencils
How to Make:

Step 1:

Take an art sheet and cut a card shape

Step 2:

Cut a rectangular shape by looking at a mobile phone

Step 3:

Take different colors chart paper and draw call out shapes and write your messages as we have written in the card

Step 4:

Take a piece of newspaper and paste it on the card. Now paste the mobile phone shape on the card as well as all the callouts

Step 5:

Make it more attractive by adding ribbons to the card as well as make the button, speaker and camera with the help of chart paper for mobile phone.

1st Birthday Card for Nephew:

On the first birthday of your beloved nephew, you can make 1st Birthday Card for Nephew by using simple material. On the below card, we made a train but you can make a car or rocket, etc. This card can be created with chart paper and an art sheet. You can write your message on this card too.

1st Birthday Card for Nephew


  • Art Sheet
  • Chart Paper
  • Cutter
  • Pen
How to Make:

First Step:

In this step, you need to cut a card shape as we have cut in the picture

Second Step:

Now take a cutter and cut three wheels from chart paper. Also cut a square shape, and other shapes from brown chart paper as we used to make the parts of the train

Third Step:

Cut a rectangular shape to make the front side of the train, one rectangular shape from the gray to make the backside of the train. Also, make clouds with white paper to look for smoke

Fourth Step:

Paste all the shapes on the card by using glue to give a perfect look. Now cut a 1 shape and paste it on the train

Fifth Step:

Write wishing on the card and this is ready.

These are the best Birthday Card for Nephew that you can make at home. For more DIY birthday card ideas, you can visit this website.

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