Those who are looking for Handmade Bridal Shower Cards to make at home can get ideas from this website. Every girl wants to make her bridal shower party unique and for this, she loves to set themes and try new things that can help her to make it the best party ever. As this is the last bachelor party that you can enjoy with your friends so it must be as good as you want. Don’t only spend time to make your party better but also make the best Bridal Shower Invitation cards to impress your friends and family members. For this, you can make the handmade bride to be cards by taking the ideas from the below picture and can make these special cards to invite your friends. Check, these cards and their step by step procedure and make them at home.

Handmade Bridal Shower Cards

The trend of handmade cards is rising day by day. You can also make Handmade Bridal Shower Cards by taking ideas from this website and can make your party amazing. So, check these cards and make them at home by using simple material.

Handmade Bride to Be Card:

The first card that you can make at home is the handmade bride to be card. This is very simple to make but it looks gorgeous. You can also change the color of the card according to your theme. Check the below side for step by step method. But before this, check the required material for this card.

Handmade Bride to Be Card


Required Material:

  • Art Sheet
  • Patterned Sheet
  • Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Net
  • Glue
  • Pencil

How to Make:

Follow the below step by step method to make this beautiful bride be a card at home.

  • Take an art sheet and cut it into a card shape as we cut in the picture
  • Now take a pattern sheet and paste it on the card as we pasted the blue dotted sheet
  • Take white paper and cut the cone shape to make the dress of the bride
  • Use different colored papers to make the head and arms of the bride and also the flowers
  • Also, cut the shape of the umbrella and paste all these shapes on the card
  • Now take a piece of net and paste it with glow
  • Write the message on the card and this is ready

Simple Handmade Bridal Shower Card:

If you have less time and want to make a simple handmade bridal shower card then this card is perfect for you. Just follow the below instructions to make this card by using the below-given material. To make this card you need to have the following material.

Simple Handmade Bridal Shower Card

Required Material:

  • Art Sheet (Black+ White)
  • Ribbon
  • Beads
  • Glue

How to Make

  • The first step to make this card is to cut the shape of the card from a black art sheet
  • Now cut a piece from the white art sheet and paste it on the card
  • Take a pencil or marker and draw two heart shapes
  • Tie the card with Ribbon and paste the beads as we did to make the bride and groom hearts

Cute Bridal Shower Card Handmade:

If you want to make a simple but cute bridal shower card handmade to invite your friends to your party then make this card. This card is very easy to make. We have shared the complete detail of making this card for our beloved readers. So, if you want to make this card then follow the below instructions.

Cute Bridal Shower Card Handmade

Required Material:

  • Art Sheet
  • Chart Papers
  • Ribbon
  • Color Pencils

How to Make:

  • Make a card shape from a white art sheet
  • Cut a rectangular shape from black chart paper and paste it on the card
  • Now cut square shapes from white and black chart papers and paste it on the card to décor the card
  • Draw a bride shape on the white one and also paste the ribbon by making a knot
  • Now add your message on the front side of the card and this card is ready

These are the ideas to make Handmade Bridal Shower Cards to invite your friends. You can mix two or more ideas to make a unique card. There are thousands of handmade cards shared on this website. Open the main page of this website to check other ideas for handmade cards.