Handmade easter card ideas

Easter Card Ideas

Mehr un Nisa Niazi  -  March 3, 2021

Some days are national celebrating days, so we are here presenting Easter card ideas. On 12 April, everyone celebrates Easter day. A proper holiday declared on the day. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead so the holiday is declared. Now you can make the cards at your home. For the sake of Jesus, this...

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Handmade Corona Card, COVID 19 Cards

COVID 19 Cards

Mehr un Nisa Niazi  -  May 10, 2020

Those who are looking for the COVID 19 Card Get Well Soon Card for Coronavirus can check the best cards from. As at the start of 2020, the world is going through an unexpected epidemic which is known as COVID-19 or coronavirus. The history of this disease can be tracked in the 1960s but it...

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world best grandpa card for kids

Birthday Card Ideas For Grandpa

Mehr un Nisa Niazi  -  May 1, 2020

Hi, guys if you are looking for a DIY birthday card for your Grandpa, then you are at the right place. Here we will share some Grandpas birthday card ideas that you can make at home. We are sharing step by step detail of the cards so that you can follow these steps to create...

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printed card for graduated students, Congratulations Card For Graduation

Congratulations Card For Graduation

Mehr un Nisa Niazi  -  May 1, 2020

Hey guys! We are here for all the new graduate students. We are back with a congratulations card for graduation. It is not easy to complete a tough 14 years of education. But as you have already done it. So, first of all, we have to say congratulations to. Now it is time to make...

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handmade birthday card for best son in law

Birthday Card For Son-in-Law

Mehr un Nisa Niazi  -  April 29, 2020

Hey guys! Check out this awesome birthday card ideas for son-in-law. Some relations are close to you so it is important to celebrate all their happiness. If your son-in-law has to celebrate his first birthday with their in-laws, then you guys came to the right place. From here you guys will able to make many...

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Best card on resurrection day

DIY Resurrection Day Cards

Mehr un Nisa Niazi  -  April 8, 2020

DIY Resurrection Day Cards Hey guys! We are back with DIY resurrection day cards. As the holy week starts, so every day of the week has its name and importance. So here, we have presented a card idea related to resurrection. Resurrection is the concept that dictates that Holy Jesus will come back to the...

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Best card for Holy week

DIY Holy Week Greeting Cards

Mehr un Nisa Niazi  -  April 7, 2020

As the Holy starts so its time to wish the week after making DIY holy week greeting cards. The Christ community loves to wish each other this week. So they want to wish this by making cards at home. The week starts from 5 April and ends on 11 April. So the main question is...

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Handmade don’t lose hope card

Don’t Give Up Cards For Coronavirus

Mehr un Nisa Niazi  -  April 5, 2020

Hey guys! According to the situation we are back with dont give up cards for Coronavirus. The whole world is facing the same worst disease. That is names as COVID-19. A lot of people are now becoming the patient of this deadly disease. This virus terribly affected a person’s liver and their kidneys and directly...

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simple card for palm suday

DIY Palm Sunday Card Ideas

Mehr un Nisa Niazi  -  April 5, 2020

Hi guys let’s have a look at how to make DIY Palm Sunday Card Ideas. This team celebrates on 5th April. This day indicates the entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem. The branches of palm have been placed on his path on this day. It represents the starting of the holy week and the final week...

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